Having had experienced in all different kinds of training and workouts, the head YFF trainers have carefully designed structured workouts that are systemised and focused on brining you the best results possible, whilst being inspiring and uplifting at the same time. YFF combines HIIT, Functional and Circuit training throughout all of its different programmes, the sole focus being on the most effective way to burn fat and build lean muscle. The team are constantly innervating and working on different programmes each month and because of this our training workouts will vary month to month to keep you on your toes!


SPECTRE (Saturday and Sunday)

Our Sunday workout Spectre, like from the bond film. Train like a bond or a bond girl in this epic Full Body HIIT Circuit. Don’t expect to have a natter during this high intense blast. Work your strength, cardiovascular and core through 18 gruelling stations to see what your made of.

18 Exercises
2 rounds.
45 seconds on each (15seconds rest in-between)
Earn that Sunday brunch!

TRESPASS (Wednesday)

Tip yourself over the edge in this Strength based HIIT workout! Trespass takes no prisoners! Be ready for weights, resistance bands and medicine balls as you test your strength to the max.
4 stations , 3 exercises on each.
Working 40s, 20s rest!
Lets Go!

THE BRONX (Friday)

 A 45 minute boxing inspired cardio workout. By popular demand this class puts your cardio strength to the test. Work in twos pushing each other until your arms simply can’t give anymore!
45 mins
Box till you drop!

CAPSTAN (Monday and Thursday)

BRING THE TOWELS! Capstan Is a workout that will leave you dripping! Work in pairs through this high intense cardio based circuit.

12 Exercises

1 Round

Working 40s, 20s, 40s, 20s before you move on.